27 April 2020

Legazpi Tour Itinerary: The Best of Bicolandia

What should you include in your Legazpi Tour Itinerary?

  1. Learn and Discover the History and Culture Of Legazpi, Albay
  2. Cagsawa Ruins Park
  3. Mayon Volcano National Park
  4. Vera Falls
  5. Lignon Hill Nature Park
  6. 1st Colonial Grill


If you’re looking for a place to add to your travel bucket list, Legazpi City is the place to be. Aside from it being home to the famous Mayon Volcano, Legazpi is also known as “The City of Fun and Adventure”. Whether you want to take the kids out for a getaway, travel with a loved one or with friends, or go soul searching on your own, this Legazpi tour itinerary will surely give you one of the best experiences.

This list of places we have curated can cater to any travel personality out there. It provides a number of historical and cultural sites, picturesque sceneries, good eats, and action-packed adventures! We’ve rounded up the best places to go to in Legazpi to maximize your visit to the beautiful province.


How to get to Legazpi City

man looking at mayon volcano

Before we get into the places to visit, here’s a quick guide on how to get to Legazpi. It’s truly easy and convenient. If you’re looking to travel by air, there are local airlines that travel from Manila and Cebu to Legazpi City, Albay.

If you’re traveling by Bus, there are a number of bus lines that connect from Metro Manila to Albay. If you are an adventurer and love long car rides, it is possible to drive from Manila to Legazpi. The trip usually takes 12 hours.

Lastly, accommodation will surely be the least of your worries because Legazpi City has a number of hostels, hotels, lodges, and inns that can cater to your personality or budget.

We won’t keep you waiting, here are the best things you can do on your trip!


Learn the history and culture of Legazpi, Albay

Learn how and where it all started by visiting the historical places of Legazpi City. These destinations and their development will truly make you appreciate the region even more.

You can do this by visiting the region in August where the locals partake in the Ibalong Festival. They celebrate the history of Ibalong and its three legendary heroes by parading on the streets of Legazpi with different costumes and masks. What better way to know about the city and its people than commemorating and honoring their city with them on this day?


Cagsawa Ruins Park

Cagsawa Ruins Park

Don’t ever miss out on visiting the Cagsawa Ruins Park when you’re at Legazpi. It is just 20 minutes away from the city. Here, you can find the remnants of the Cagsawa Church — a 16th-century church established by the Franciscan Order which was eventually destroyed during the eruption of Mount Mayon in 1814.

History aside, you can add some fun to your visit here by having your picture taken with the picturesque view of Mayon Volcano and the church ruins. The locals in this area can additionally help you take incredible optical illusion photos of you and your group.

Along the side, there are some stalls and shops nearby where you can buy your pasalubong and souvenirs such as creative coin purses, jewelry, and native delicacies like pili nuts.


Mayon Volcano National Park

Mayon Volcano National Park

Legazpi is popularly known as the home of the famous Mount Mayon, a perfectly symmetrical volcano. Whenever you are in Legaspi, you can surely catch a glimpse of the volcano. However, getting up close and paying a visit of the Mayon Volcano National park is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on. You can simply wonder in awe at its breathtaking beauty before your eyes or indulge in a fun adventure with family and friends by riding an ATV to the base of the Mayon. This is one of the best and most daring things to do for tourists in the city!


Vera Falls

Vera Falls

Looking to beat the heat? Put on your swimming attire and be one with nature as you visit Vera Falls in Legazpi. Enjoy the refreshing, clear, and cool waters of this hidden gem. Aside from its main waterfall, there are many smaller falls around it. The forest-like surroundings will calm you down and give you a relaxing experience. You can easily see how Legazpi excellently preserves this piece of nature. You can also rent a cottage and have a light snack nearby!


Lignon Hill Nature Park
Lignon Hill Nature Park

This destination is great for history lovers, adventure-junkies, or anyone who wants to just enjoy the scenery. At Lignon Nature Park, you can get a 360-degree view of Legazpi, Daraga, Albay Gulf, and Mount Mayon all in one. An ideal spot to watch the sunrise or sunsets. It is also home to the famous 320-meter zipline and other extreme sports (rappelling, hiring, paintball). Lastly, if you want to learn more about history, you can find the infamous Japanese Tunnel constructed during World War 2 here.


1st Colonial Grill

bowls of ice cream

Treat yourself to one of the best and most famous restaurants at Legazpi. 1st Colonial Grill is located at the Pacific Mall and is known for its Filipino, Asian, and vegetarian-friendly dishes. To make the most out of your experience, don’t miss out on trying their best seller: Chili Ice Cream! This sweet treat has two major ingredients: siling labuyo and coconut milk. This has been a hit among locals and tourists. Along the side, you can also try their sisig, tinapa rice, and coffee.


Key Takeaway

Make the most out of your visit to Bicol and accomplish once more of your travel goals with this Legazpi tour itinerary!