30 May 2020

How To Make The Most Of Your Time In Caramoan

What are the things you can do in Caramoan?

  1. Hopping The New Horizon
  2. Island Camping
  3. Rock Climbing At Matukad
  4. Spelunking At The Caves
  5. Exploring The Town On Foot


Caramoan, Philippines is a hidden paradise located deep on the coast of Camarines Sur. This hidden location is perfectly underdeveloped with untouched rural soil. At this locale, white sand beaches, limestone cliffs, and islets are grouped and scattered across the Pacific Ocean. Anyone looking for a tropical getaway locally will appreciate its natural beauty and sublime seclusion like no other. Making the most of your time in this natural beauty is easy. Here are a few things you can do in Caramoan.


Hopping The New Horizon

Hopping The New Horizon

Like the popular El Nido, Palawan island-hopping tours, Caramoan boasts a different version for those looking to explore and enjoy its natural beauty. You can choose from nearby islands like Matukad, Lahus, Hunongan, and Gota Beach for starters. However, there are other options for those who want a deeper look at Caramoan. Distant islands like Manlawi Sandbar, Sabitang Laya, and Cotivas island are available seasonally. For all of these locations, preparing a budget of 1000-3000 pesos is ideal.


Island Camping

Another recommendation for nature lovers is camping. Island camping is perfect for those who like roughing it with nature. The experience is entirely different compared to staying in a hotel. Watching the moon and the night stars give a tranquil feeling to you spiritually and physically. It’s rare to find a sea of stars at night in the city, it’s definitely worth checking if you need rehabilitation from the fast-paced modern setting.

There are tons of secluded beaches in Caramoan where you can. Spend a night under the stars. Do note that the cell signals in Caramoan are average. The connection can get spotty and other islands have better cell service. Drinking water, stores, and diners are easily found within the area for your convenience. The islands mentioned in the previous section are available for camping. If you want a more secluded experience, be sure to go off-season to avoid large crowds.


Rock Climbing At Matukad

Rock Climbing At Matukad

Rock climbing fans can rejoice. Matukad Island is a rewarding yet challenging climb. You start off at the beach cove on the southern part of the island where you begin docking. The waves can be a bit strong, be sure to be careful as per your tour guide’s instructions. Setting foot on land, your feet will dive into a creamy white sand beach of the finest quality. It’s a delight to graze your toes into the fine sand before taking a dip into the cerulean Matukad waters. Within the island, there’s also an inland lake. The lake can be seen by the peak of the rock wall which is entirely climbable. The fish in this lake are sacred and are considered as the island guardians.

After a peaceful start, the real challenge begins by climbing the jagged rock formation. While climbing, make sure to follow your guide and hold on to the outcrops. Use the sharp rocks for support and listen to your guide along the way. Once you make it to the top, a panoramic view of the lagoon will greet you. The climb is easier than it looks and any rock climbing veteran will enjoy this experience.


Spelunking At The Caves

Spelunking At The Caves

There are many cave formations around Caramoan. Various limestone rocks and stalactites can be found at Omang Cave and Culapnit Cave. For Omang Cave, you can find it situated between two barangays. Look for Barangay Paniman and Illawod. Omang Cave is part of the Caramoan National Park. Various stalactite formations can be enjoyed whilst spelunking in Omang. Alternatively, Culapnit Cave in Sitio Bariw has a combination of limestone, stalactite pillars, and bats. With a bit of history and adventure, Manipis Cave at Barangay Pandanan is the rumored hiding spot of General Yamashita’s famed treasures. For a subdued experience, the underground stream of Bulang Bulang Cave in Taisan is the perfect topper for your spelunking trip.


Exploring The Town On Foot

Caramoan is a laid-back community filled with friendly people. There are tons of things to see and do within the town after you finish your nature exploration. Whether you choose to walk or grab a motorbike, it’s a pleasant experience you should do to finish off your Caramoan adventure. Check out the municipal hall and town center for starters. For souvenirs, the diverse local market is the perfect place to shop. You can then proceed to the local mangrove area and the swamp for more. To help maximize your town exploration, walking around in the late afternoon is best. The soft, cascading sunlight combined with the lack of traffic, fresh air, and the rustic Caramoan setting is the perfect way to end your trip.


Key Takeaway

These are just a few of the things to do in Caramoan. This is an island that has so much to offer. For those who want to visit a top tier destination, Caramoan Islands is a local gift you shouldn’t miss out on. From island hopping to exploring the town, there’s a lot to see and do. Any individual looking to escape the fast-paced lifestyle of the city will find this destination refreshing and rejuvenating. Plan your trip and dive into Caramoan today.