09 June 2020

What To Do On A Fun-Packed Weekend at Donsol

What are the things you can do in Donsol?

  1. Swim With The Whale Sharks
  2. Scuba Diving In Manta Bowl Shoal
  3. Visit the Jovellar Underground River
  4. Watch The Fireflies
  5. Drive to Paguriran Island


Seeking a thrilling adventure? We’re here to give you a list of what to do in Donsol! You’ve probably heard of Donsol as the best place in the world to swim with whale sharks. Aside from this feat, the province also boasts nature at its finest! It is located in the Bicol region, inside the province of Sorsogon. You can never go wrong with this place. It’s the perfect spot to create memories, unwind, and relax. It provides you with a wide array of ways to wander! From its world-class tourist destinations, beaches, scenery, waterfalls – name it and Donsol is sure to have it.


How to get to Donsol

Before we get into your weekend adventure, you may be wondering how you can get to Donsol. You can reach this destination in three ways. The fastest way to get to Donsol is by plane. Local airlines in Manila fly to Legaspi on a 50 min flight. If you’re going to travel by bus, there are bus lines from Manila that travel to Donsol daily. The trip usually takes about 11 hours. Lastly, you can also reach Donsol by car. If you love to go on road trips with friends, the driving time lasts for about 7 hours.


Swim With The Whale Sharks

Swim With The Whale Sharks

Experience Bicol at its finest by going on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure at the Whale Shark Capital of the world. Donsol Bay is known to be the best place in the world for whale sharks, locally known as the butanding. In fact, tourists make their way to the Philippines to experience the presence of whale sharks in their natural environment. Once you get into the area, book a tour for the Whale Shark Interaction Tour. You’ll be provided with snorkeling equipment before you get in the water. It is truly a great adventure for kids and adults alike.

On top of that, the reason why the Donsol Whale Shark experience is praised and loved by many people in the world is because of its eco-tourism initiative. Donsol is highly monitored and has strict rules and limitations to create sustainable tourism operations to create a healthy environment for the Whale Sharks in the area.


Scuba Diving In Manta Bowl Shoal

Scuba Diving In Manga Bowl Shoal

Want to pump up your adrenaline levels? Take a dive into the natural wonders and exquisite marine life underwater at the Manta Bowl Shoal in Donsol. It is a signature experience you shouldn’t miss out on. Aside from Whale Sharks, Manta Rays can also be sighted here. There are 6 famous diving points such as The Bowl, Rock Point, Shark Apartment, Tuna Alley, and Sweetlips place where you can see extensive and unique coral formations and be amazed by underwater life.


Visit the Jovellar Underground River

Want to indulge in a quick nature getaway? The Jovelllar Underground River is the place in Donsol for you. There may be a variety of underground rivers in the Philippines, but the Jovellar Underground River is one you shouldn’t miss out on. It is immersive, surrounded by a refreshing sight of trees and unique rock formations, and a 180-meter long river of freshwater that you can take a dip in. On top of that, Donsol boasts its value of sustainability for nature. Hence, you’re sure that the beauty of this underground river has been preserved.


Watch The Fireflies

Watch The Fireflies

Cap off your night with an activity that you can only find at Donsol. At Donsol River, you can experience fireflies right before your eyes while the sun is setting. Just in time before the sun sets, a boat will take you through the 100-kilometer long river that is lined by mangrove forests and coconut trees. You’ll see the changing colors of the sky while the sun sets. And further down, you’ll start to see little sparkling fireflies flying around the sky.


Drive to Paguriran Island

Located in the Sawangga Bacon District of Sorsogon, Paguriran Island is a world-class beach that tourists and locals love to visit for a quick getaway. It may be a two-hour drive away from Sorsogon, but it is truly worth the trip! It will lead you to a paradise of diverse flora and fauna, and the island of a white sandy beach, colorful fishes, and clear blue waters. And if you’re lucky, you may be able to get a glimpse of the Mayon Volcano while you’re there. You can take a refreshing dip in the crystalline waters or enjoy the island’s marine wildlife by snorkeling.


Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for a place to spend your weekend, Donsol has it all for you. This list of what to do in Donsol will make the most out of every minute you have. Make sure to bring a camera along with you to capture memories and picturesque views!