31 May 2020

Where To Eat In Bicol

Where can you eat in Bicol?


  1. 1st Colonial Grill
  2. 21st Amendment
  3. Small Talk Cafe
  4. Bigg’s Diner
  5. Balay Cena Una


Aside from its heart-pumping adventures, breathtaking scenery, and majestic natural wonders, the Bicol region is also known for its good eats. If you’re wondering where to eat in Bicol, this collection consists of places that define Bicol’s food scene.

Before we begin, you must know that this town is well known for its love for spiciness (sili or siling labuyo) and coconut (gata). If you are a traveler wanting to indulge in culture, get your fill of the traditional Bicolano dishes such as pinangat, laing, and Bicol express — all of which use sili and gata in different forms and cooking methods. That being said, let us guide you through Bicol’s new, old, and go-to food spots. Find an authentic Bicol dish as well as an outstanding neighborhood restaurant, a place to satisfy your sweet tooth, and great international fusion cuisine.


1st Colonial Grill

1st Colonial Grill

Dig a little deeper into the Bicolano cuisine with this popular restaurant. 1st Colonial Grill is one of the go-to restaurants that are suggested to tourists. Its famous and delicious dishes have lived up to its name. What used to be a one-location restaurant has now opened several branches within the Bicol Province. They now have a spot in Pacific Mall Legazpi, Ayala Malls Legazpi.

Make sure to get your stomachs ready because you are in for a great food experience. Order from their Bicolano dishes such as laing, pinangat, Bicol Express, and tinutungang manok that represent Bicolanos and the culture. Aside from this, they also have a bunch of Filipino favorites that won’t disappoint.

The experience will only get better! End your meal with what the 1st Colonial Grill is known for: their famous Sili Ice Cream! This flavor is scaled according to its heat. Choose between level 1 and level 3! On top of that, you can also indulge in other unique flavors such as gabi (taro), ginataang mais (corn in coconut milk), tinutong na bigas (toasted rice) and Pili!


21st Amendment

Your getaways and escapades deserve a nightcap too! Treat yourself to a night of fine cocktails and shots at 21st Amendment located at Rizal Street, Old Albay District. They have a wide selection of liquor that is reasonably priced! On top of that, vintage surroundings and ambiance are the perfect pair to relax and end a long day of your festivities with friends. Aside from alcoholic beverages they also offer Bicol cuisine and serving snacks to pair with your beverages.


Small Talk Cafe

Small Talk Cafe

Hungry after your ATV Adventure and city tours? Replenish and re-energize at Small Talk Cafe! You’ll find this dainty cafe on the corner of Rizal Street. Its surroundings give off a homey-like ambiance, perfect for a well-lit afternoon and a quick coffee break. Their meals are reasonably priced, too! Try our one of their best sellers: Pasta Pinangat consists of taro leaves mixed in with smooth and creamy coconut. Or try their Bicolana Pizza with toppings of laing and pineapple chunks.


Bigg’s Diner

You’d be surprised to know that Bicol has its own take on fast-food. If you live in a city with all the hustle and bustle, you will surely find fast-food restaurants in every corner you look. In the Bicol Region, they have their own home-grown fast-food spot! You’ll see Bigg’s Diner everywhere you look. Don’t miss out on this restaurant with its 50s diner ambiance and American style. Have a hearty meal with a taste of Bicol and their delicious pork cordon bleu with laing or daing na bangus with pinangat! To cap it all off, try out their famous molten lava cake with ice cream. Sure enough, Bigg’s Diner is truly a Bicol experience!


Balay Cena Una

Balay Cena Una

This is a food spot further away from the Legazpi City proper but it is surely worth the visit! Tons of tourists make their way to dine-in this notable restaurant because of its highly picturesque food, warm ancestral ambiance, and delicious food. Make the most out of your dine-in experience by trying their famous Crispy Bicol Express and Chicken Tinutungan.


Key Takeaway

The Bicol Region is the perfect place for a vacation. The location is extremely versatile with its adventures, culture, tourist spots, and food hubs. So if you are looking for where to eat in Bicol, trying out the restaurants above will give you the best Bicol food experience. The flavors of coconut, sili, and dessert are already an adventure in itself. So book your stay at Bicol now!