Bicol Region


Fiesta Tsinoy

A Chinese New Year celebration participated by the Filipino-Chinese community (Albay Chapter) featuring various activities i.e., Dragon/Lion Dance, Chinese Cultural Program, ancestral veneration within a mass, among others.

January 26 Legazpi City Ms. Josephine Lee Chinese Community Legazpi City
National Arts Month: Bikol Arts Festival (NAM:BAF)

A month long festival showcasing the region’s arts and culture, crafts and agro-industrial products of the different provinces and cities of the region.  It coincides with the celebration of the National Arts Month.   Various activities are lined up which include Festival parade, Essay Writing and Poster Making Contest, Laro ng Lahi, Fashion Show, etc.

February 1-28 Legazpi City Bicol University College of Arts & Letters
Cagsawa Festival

The festival commemorates the 1814 catastrophic eruption of Mayon Volcano  which buried  the Cagsawa  church and hundreds of people.  To date, the Cagsawa Ruins Park  which is one of the popular attractions in Bicol became the center of activities of the week-long festivity.

February 1-28 Daraga, Albay Ms. Paula Badillo Tourism Office-LGU Daraga
Tinagba Festival

A tradition of the first harvest offering coinciding with the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.  Derived from the early rituals of the ancient Bicolanos offering their harvest to their own gods as a form of thanksgiving and to seek favor for a more bountiful harvest throughout the year.

February 11 Iriga City Mr. Peter Lagyap Tourism Office- LGU Iriga City
Karanowan Fish-Tival

In appreciation of the beautiful God-given nature, the Karonawan Fish-Tival is a celebration of the beauty and bounty of Bato in order to inject and instill the importance of preserving and conserving the these natural resources as major sources of food and as potential tourist attractions.

February 15 Bato, Camarines Sur Mr. Alejandro Pili, Jr. LGU – Bato, Camarines Sur
Ligao Sunflower Festival

A festivity which commemorates the Cityhood anniversary of Ligao. It is highlighted Streetdancing showcasing the colorful sunflowers where it abundantly grows along the Kawa-Kawa Natural Park.

March 24 Ligao City Ma. Gina Balingbing Tourism Office – LGU Ligao City
Bantayog Festival

As the term suggests, Bantayog festival features the storied Firs tRiza lMonument or “Unang Bantayog ni Dr. Jose Rizal” which is the centerpiece of the celebration.  It is held in conjunction with the province foundation anniversary

April 2 – May 6 Camarines Norte Mr. Bong Palma Tourism Office – LGU Cam. Norte
Rodeo Festival

Hold on to your horses, caballeros, its rodeo time in Masbate once again!  Feel the excitement as our local cowboys pit their brains against bovine brawn in western style rodeo events like bull riding and steer wrestling, apart from our local games like the good old carabao race.  So put on them boots and saddle up – its gonna be a rope-slingin’, dist-kickin’, cowpunchin’ affair.

April 9-13 Masbate Mr. Gerardo Presado Tourism Office – LGU Masbate
Mananap Festival

One of the most awaited event in the province of Camarines Norte which promotes local culture and tourism in the municipality of San Vicente,

April 23-29 San Vicente, Camarines Norte Office of the Mayor LGU – San Vicente, Camarines Norte
Alinao Festival

A festival which aims to feature the customes, traditions and cultural arts of Malinaonons, the highlight of which is the Street Dancing Competition.

April 27 – May 8 Malinao, Albay Office of the Mayor LGU – Malinao, Albay
Isla Carahan Festival

A celebration of the beauty and bountry of Caramoan Island, highlighting its industry and cultural heritage.

April 30 – May 8 Caramoan, Camarines Sur Office of the Mayor LGU – Caramoan, Cam. Su
Bantayog Festival

As the term suggests, Bantayog festival features the storied Firs tRiza lMonument or “Unang Bantayog ni Dr. Jose Rizal” which is the centerpiece of the celebration.  It is held in conjunction with the province foundation anniversary.

April 2 – May 6 Camarines Norte Mr. Bong Palma Tourism Office – LGU Cam. Norte
Alinao Festival

A festival which aims to feature the customes, traditions and cultural arts of Malinaonons, the highlight of which is the Street Dancing Competition.

April 27 – May 8 Malinao, Albay Office of the Mayor LGU – Malinao, Albay
Isla Carahan Festival

A celebration of the beauty and bountry of Caramoan Island, highlighting its industry and cultural heritage.

April 30 – May 8 Caramoan, Camarines Sur Office of the Mayor LGU – Caramoan, Cam. Sur
Alinsangan “Bowa-Bowahan” Festival

A colorful cultural festival of pagan origin, and is derived from the dialect “Alinsangan”, a word that describes the characteristics of the people living the in the early settlements. It is a festival showing fertility and thanksgiving.

May 1-2 Nabua, Camarines Sur Office of the Mayor LGU – Banua, Camarines Sur
Magayon Festival (Note: No celebration this year due to nCov)

In admiration of the Majestic Mayon’s beauty and splendor, this festival is dubbed as Magayon, a Bikol term which means beautiful.  In essence, this is a celebration of the Albayano’s way of life and a thanksgiving for the abundance of the land’s plentiful harvest through various activities such as agricultural products display and trade fairs, cooking shows, cultural events, street parades, photo/arts exhibits, sports events, and many more.

May 1-31 Albay Ms. Dorothy Colle Tourism Office – LGU Albay
Palong Festival

Highlighted by a street dancing and agro-industrial fair which expresses local folk’s gratitude for their town’s name etymology and signifies the abundant presence of rooster available in the locality.  Held also in celebration of their Black Nazarene’s Feast Day on May 13

May 11-13 Capalonga, Camarines Norte Mr. Rod Rawat Tourism Office – LGU Capalonga, Cam. Norte
Isla Rancho Festival

A festival that portrays and reflects the place, people and heritage linking and tie-up semblance of inspiration and pride of the people of San Pascual working as one people towards community development.

May 12-17 San Pascual, Masbate Office of the Mayor LGU-San Pascual, Masbate
Butanding Festival

A festival which ushers the “Butanding” (Whaleshark) season and a thanksgiving for its blessings to the people of Donsol.  Now that they are back, the festivity features  regatta, fluvial parade with boats carrying colorful banners and giant images of the butanding along the Donsol River, a street parade of life-size images of the butandings on floats accompanied by barangay delegations, brass bands, drum and bugle corps, and festival street-dancing contingents.

May 17-24 Donsol, Sorsogon Tourism Office – LGU Donsol, Sorsogon
Pasa Pasa Festival

Held in time for the town fiesta celebration, the festival focus on the advocacy of the LGU in the protection and preservation of its rich natural resources including the manta rays as well as in the promotion of ecotourism attractions in the area.

May 18-26 Monreal, Masbate Tourism Office LGU- Monreal, Masbate
Sarung Banggi Festival

Celebrating the crystal anniversary of the Sarung Banggi Festival this year, this colorful and igniting festivity commemorates  the birth of the composer of the immortal love song Sarung Banggi, Potenciano V. Gregorio. It is known for the annual Parade of the Dancing Lights where every barangay showcases impressive interpretation of the song, Sarung Banggi. Contingents parade their dazzling cultural presentations along with their Spanish era portrayed costumes downtown after twilight. Another main event is the Potenciano wanna-be composers competition.

May 19-27 Sto. Domingo, Albay Office of the Mayor/Tourism Office LGU – Sto. Domingo, Albay
Kaogma Festival

A week-long celebration of the Foundation Anniversary of the province of Camarines Sur.  The festival features numerous activities such as cultural expositions, sports events, beauty pageant, procession and grand parade.

May 21-27 Camarines Sur Mr. Bing Rivera Tourism Office – LGU Camarines Sur
Layag Festival

A week-long festivity coinciding with the feast of Our Lady of Penafrancia. The festival name was taken from a local world “layag” or sail boat which is a primitive means of transportation of the early people of Rapu-Rapu. It depicts the people’s journey of faith.

May 22-27 Rapu-Rapu, Albay Tourism Office LGU – Rapu-Rapu, Albay
Abaca Festival

Formally known as Catanduanes Abaka Festival, Abaca Festival  showcases the life and resilient spirit of the Catandunganon and its culture, as well as the uniqueness and exoticness of the island and its people. It celebrates the fiber industry and its products, which is Catanduanes’ and Bicol’s main materials for its handicrafts. Highlights of the festival include streetdance competition, float parade, trade fair, fashion show among others.

May 27-31 Catanduanes Ms. Carmel B. Garcia Tourism Office – LGU Catanduanes
Kamalig Festival

An annual celebration of the foundation day and town fiesta of the Municipality of Camaligan, the highlight of which is the Kamalig Street Dance Competition

June 5-13 Camaligan, Camarines Sur Office of the Mayor LGU – Camaligan, Camarines Sur
Pinangat Festival

The town of Camalig is famous for Bicolanos culinary specialty – the laing or pinangat, hence, the celebration of the festival which also showcases the municipality’s rich cultural heritage.  It is also held in conjunction with its town fiesta.

June 10-24 Camalig, Albay Mr. Jed Villanueva Tourism Office – LGU Camalig, Albay
Ginubat Festival

A festival based on the roots of the town of which its name was derived.  It features cultural street parade, exhibit, sail boat race, beauty pageant, fiesta celebration, etc.

June 11-12 Gubat, Sorsogon Tourism Office LGU – Gubat, Sorsogon
Pinyasan Festival

A colorful festival showcasing the province’ primary agri-product, the sweetest “queen” pineapple called Formosa.  Featured are float exhibition, street dancing presentation, agro-industrial fair, talent/skills beauty competition and many more interesting activities.

June 15-24 Daet, Cam. Norte Tourism Office – LGU Daet, Camarines Norte
Tabak Festival

An annual commemoration of the City’s Founding Anniversary and the Feast of Saint John the Baptist, the City’s Patron Saint. It comprises various activities geared towards the preservation of Tabaco Ciyt;s rich cultural heritage. The Festival’s  highlight is the Tabak Festival Streetdancing.

June 15-24 Tabaco City Mr. Eric Valeriano Tourism Office – LGU Tabaco City
Pulang-Angui Festival

The festival was derived from its town’s legend “Pulang-Angui”, a vibrant captivating woman who love to wear red-colored dresses. It celebrates, and depicts the town’s  rich and unique socio-cultural talents and qualities of its people, verdant ewco-tourism assests and distinct trade and delicacies of the place.

June 15-30 Polangui, Albay
Naro Festival

Commemorating the Dimasalang town’s founding anniversary, the festival’s highlight is the Street Dancing and showdown competition that will showcase the dance festival of every barangay in the municipality.

June 17-19 Dimasalang, Masbate Office of the Mayor LGU – Dimasalang, Masbate
Pili Festival

The festival showcases Pili – an indigenous crop of the Bicol region, particularly abundant in Sorsogon. The festival aims to emphasize its importance, and heightens awareness of the pili’s various economic uses.

Last week of June Sorsogon City Ms. Asia Olbes LGU-Sorsogon City
Magalleones Festival

The festival depicts the reputation of the municipality as one of the shipbuilding capitals of the Bicol peninsula during the Spanish colonial period. The celebration honors its Patroness, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and is highlighted by colorful street dance presentations.

July 9-16 Magallanes, Sorsogon Office of the Mayor LGU – Magallanes, Sorsogon
Lubid Festival

An occasion of merriment, excitement and reckoning the value of culture, tradition and potentials of Malilipot, The festival’s highlight is the Street Presentation and Exhibition (Sayaw Paralubid). The festival also coindcides with the observance of the Feast of Mt. Carmel that will bring out the spirit of pietyamidst the days of gaiety.

July 9-16 Malilipot, Albay Tourism Office – LGU Malilipot, Albay
Libon Paroy Festival

As the “rice granary of Albay”, the festival reflects on the town’s main source of living, “paroy” or rice. It features various activities including street parade, sports fest, and many more.

July 22-25 Libon, Albay Office of the Mayor LGU – Libon, Albay
Mercedes Kadagatan Festival

It is a fishermen;s celebration of thanksgiving for the blessing and bounty during the seafaring, fishing expedition and fish farming endeavors. The event is also a moment of retrospect and recognition of Mother Nature for having endowed Mercedes with a gift of vast fishery resources, magnificent shorelines and other aquatic potentials and the wise utilization and preservation of ecological balance for the attainment of environmental dignity and beauty.

August 1-8 Mercedes, Camarines Norte Mr. Ruel Santelices Tourism Office – LGU Mercedes, Camarines Norte
Coron Festival

A showcase of events highlighted by a street presentation participated in by the town’s different public and private schools and sectors gives a week-long of fun and merriment to visitors and local people.

The religious package of devotion and prayer in honor of Albay’s patroness, Nuestra Señora de Salvacion (Our Lady of Salvation) is the peak event of the festival, colorfully drawing thousands of devotees and religious groups through a long maritime procession of different local sea vessels on the sea spray of the serene pacific ocean going to the quiet barangay of Joroan, the home of the miraculous image.

August 5-13 Tiwi, Albay Tourism Office LGU – Tiwi, Albay
Tig-Aw Festival

An annual celebration of thanksgiving in honor of the town’s Patroness, St. Clare of Assisi. Festival highlights include the Ylau-Raya Grand Street Dancing Competition, Special Program in the Arts Dance and Musical Night, Tig-Aw Farmers’ Festival, among others.

August 5-12 Tigaon, Camarines Sur Tourism Office LGU – Tigaon, Camarines Sur
Guinobatan Longganisa Festival

A festival showcasing the cultural and natural heritage of the town, showcasing the unique and tasty longganisa products, with the event’s highlights to include the Street Dancing and the Culinaria Longganisa Cooking and Making Contest. The festival also coincides with the town fiesta celebration in honor of its Patroness, the Our Lady of Assumption.

August 5-15 Guinobatan, Albay Ms. Joy Guiriba LGU – Guinobatan, Albay
Ibalong Festival

A festival depicting Bicol’s early beginnings as portrayed by the characters in the epic – IBALONG.  The name was the nomenclature of Bicol region.  It showcases many superheroes such as Handiong, Baltog, Bantong, among others.  Highlight is the street presentation as well as the Mayon Triathlon participated by national and international triathletes and adventure enthusiasts.

August 12-30 Legazpi City Ms. Pita Pacres Tourism Office – LGU Legazpi City
Busig-On Festival

A festival based on the epic Busig_on of Labo town, which exemplifies heroism and Bicolano values. The festival features the town’s distinct historical values and sentiments through talent and skills competitions featuring the town’s places of interest.

September 7-9 Labo, Camarines Norte Office of the Mayor LGU – Labo, Camarines Norte
Traslacion (Penafrancia Festival)

Traslacion is the transfer of the Image of INA from the Basilica to Naga Cathedral,  carried by hundreds of male devotees.  It marks the start of festivity and the 9-day Novena Mass in honor of the Feast of the Our Lady of Penafrancia, Patroness of the Bicol Region.

September 13 Naga City Rev. Fr. Glenn C. Ruiz Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission Archdiocese of Caceres, Naga City
Penafrancia Festival

A religious festival honoring the feast day of Our Lady of Peñafrancia, Patroness of the Bicol Region.  Main highlight is the fluvial procession along the Naga River.

3rd Sat. of Sept. (Sept. 21) Naga City Alec Francis Santos Tourism Office – LGU Naga City
Lapay Bantigue Dance Festival

It is a local dance art festival that originated from the graceful movements of hovering birds known as seagulls or the LAPAY, found abundant in Barangay Bantigue, Masbate.  Flocks of lapay seagulls created a marvelopus scenery and inspired the old folks to come up with a local folk dance, that since then has exited and has become an important aspect of the local culture of the people of Brgy. Bantigue and the entire Masbate. 

September 28 Masbate City Esperanza Ariola Tourism Office – LGU Masbate City
Unod Festival

“Unod” Festival expresses thanksgiving of the people of Castilla, a celebration of the bountiful harvest of root crops of the town and the value of being industrious people.” The festival’s highlight is the street dancing competition.

October 1-7 Castilla, Sorsogon Ms. Sarah Cenita LGU-Castilla, Sorsogon
Parau Festival

A 12-day celebration done simultaneously with the Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar.  It showcases the town’s cultural heritage and the growing aspirations of its people.  During this event, families, relatives and friends get together, renew kinship and  enjoy the festivities. 

October 1-12 Pilar, Sorsogon Mr. Joel Nabora Tourism Office – LGU Pilar, Sorsogon
Cimarrones Festival

A celebration held to coincide with the town fiesta.  It features the town’s cultural heritage through the conduct of various activities which include Street Dancing, Cultural Presentation, Sports fest and many more.

October 1-26 Pili, Camarines Sur Tourism Office LGU – Pili, Camarines Sur
Kasanggayahan Festival

The Kasanggayahan Festival is largest  celebration for the whole province of Sorsogon. It commemorates the declaration of Sorsogon as a province. This festival is included in the Department of Tourism’s list of festivals and celebrations in the Philippines. With the term “kasanggayahan” meaning prosperity, the festival showcases the local products including products from the pili tree and other agricultural products.

The Pantomina sa Tinampo is one of the features of the Kasanggayahan Festival that makes it different from the other thanksgiving festivals in the country. Pantomina sa Tinampo is a native regional dance, which is the dance of the doves. This pantomime (pantomina) dance of love and courtship is done on the streets (tinampo), because of which it was month-long celebration commemorating Sorsogon’s Foundation Day.

October 1-31 Sorsogon Province Mr. Bobby Gigantone Provincial Tourism Officer LGU-Sorsogon
Mambulawan Festival

Held to coincide with the Feast of the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, the festival aims to forge unity and cooperation among the local community, promote culture and arts, which are all geared towards advancement and economic growth of the town.

October 6-7 Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte Office of the Mayor LGU – Jose Panganiban, Cam. Norte
Rahugan Festival

A festival showcasing the culture of Basud. The  highlights include the Grand Rahugan ParadeBikol Floksong Singing Competition, among others.

October 18-24 Basud, Camarines Norte Office of the Mayor LGU – Basud, Camarines Norte

Celebration of the province’ anniversary and tribute to its founder.  The festival’s major component is the International Surfing Competition at Puraran, Baras, Catanduanes.Other activities include:  street dance “Pantomina”,  beauty pageant, agro-industrial fair, grand parade. and surfing competition.

October 20-24 Catanduanes Ms. Carmel B. Garcia Tourism Office – LGU Catanduanes
Guipao Festival

An annual celebration in honor of its Patron, St. Andrew the Apostle. The festival is filled with activities depicting greatness and thanksgiving to the God-given wealth of the sea, the highlight of which is the streetdancing competition.

November 23-30 Sagnay, Camarines Sur Office of the Mayor LGU – Sagnay, Camarines Sur
Lambat Festival

A festival showcasing the socio-cultural heritage of Pioduran. The festival highlight is the street dancing parade and competition.

Last week of November Pioduran, Albay Mr. Jockey Serrano Tourism Office – LGU Pioduran, Albay