A Definitive List of Tourist Spots in Camarines Norte

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Located in Luzon’s Bicol Region, Camarines Norte is the northernmost province that is typically considered to be the “Gateway to Bicolandia”. As with many popular tourist destinations in Bicol, you would need a comprehensive list of tourist spots in Camarines Norte if you want to make the most out of your stay. Featuring white sand beaches, an organic resort, waterfalls, and architectural wonders, you would definitely have endless opportunities to experience the province in all its glory.

Wondering where to go in Bicol, Philippines? Camarines Norte is definitely the place for your next vacation trip. If you want to learn about the best places to visit, continue reading.


Bagasbas Beach

Bagasbas Beach

If today is your first time hearing about gray sand beaches, then you’re in luck. Bagasbas Beach is the place for you. The beach is perfect for thrill-seeking adventurers who want to test out the challenging waters of Bagasbas. Whether you’re a professional surfer or you simply want to learn about the basics of surfing, the beach’s kind locals are ready to accommodate you.

Aside from surfing, people could also engage in a variety of activities like paragliding, paramotoring, and kiteboarding. The place has been transformed into a go-to spot for exciting beach activities.

Bagasbas Beach is also the perfect place for those who simply want to unwind. You can lie down on the fine sand and soak in the warmth of the afternoon sun as the day draws to a close. Surrounded by dense forestry and the calming sound of crashing waves, you definitely won’t want to miss this place.


Paradiso Verde Organic Farm & Resort

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When traveling with family, you would want to engage in activities everyone can enjoy. Luckily for you, Camarines Norte houses the best place to do this.

Located in Barangay Malasungi in Labo, Paradiso Verde Organic Farm & Resort is a place where people can engage in a variety of fun, family-friendly activities. You won’t have to travel far to Labo’s rivers and waterfalls just to take a dip in clear blue waters – the resort is a viable alternative.

Aside from private swimming pools, there are also infinity pools, playgrounds, a basketball court, and a tennis court, just to name a few. For those who might want to try their hand at fishing, they could also do so for a reasonable fee.

There are also affordable accommodation spots located in the area. For as low as 150 pesos, you can rent a cottage where you can relax for a few hours. Your family can also stay in the different available dormitory rooms in the resort at reasonable prices.


Mampurog River

Mampurog River

Situated at the heart of San Lorenzo near Daet, Mampurog River is undoubtedly the province’s most popular river resort.

Surrounded by lush greenery as well as natural and man-made rock formations, the resort can be an idyllic spot for some downtime and relaxation. Especially for those who are looking for a peaceful vacation. Don’t let the views fool you, though. The Mampurog River is also where vacation-goers flock to enjoy a leisurely swim in the waters or for a light picnic by the stream.

Because the area is relatively well-hidden, you might not be able to drop by many establishments around it. A good word of advice for you is to bring your own snacks or some packed light meals.


First Jose Rizal Monument

First Jose Rizal Monument

Those keen on culture and history would definitely be interested in the fact that Camarines Norte was the first location to dedicate a monument to the national hero Jose Rizal.

This 121-year old monument was first built in 1899 in a place known today as Rizal Park in Daet, Camarines Norte. The monument’s three faces have been engraved with excerpts from two of Rizal’s most famous works, El Filibusterismo and Noli Me Tangere. It also contains excerpts from Governor Antonio de Morga, who was credited for being Rizal’s inspiration in writing his two novels.

Getting to the historical site is easy enough with the availability of public transportation just around the town center. It’s also not easy to miss as the park is located near the municipal library.


Museo Bulawan

Museo Bulawan

Learning further about the province’s rich colonial history has also been made possible with Museo Bulawan, which is located in Daet as well.

The museum was previously known as the Provincial Community Museum of Camarines Norte. It has since been adopting its current name, which also means “golden museum”.

As with many dedicated museums in the Philippines, Museo Bulawan is a window to the flourishing cultural and historical traditions of Camarines Norte. It features activities for the visitor’s benefit. Some of these include the Museum Month held every December and the Rizal Day Celebration held annually in the same month.


Paroqquia de Nuestra Senyora del Santissimo Rosario

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Another place to have on your list of tourist spots in Camarines Norte is definitely the Paroqquia de Nuestra Senyora del Santissimo Rosario.

Similar to many Spanish colonial-era churches in the Philippines, the parish’s exterior boasts intricately-designed architectural features in the style of Baroque. The interior is relatively well-lit, with high ceilings and a beautifully-arranged altar.

Whether you simply visit the place or want to spend a few moments in solitude, you definitely won’t be disappointed with this grand work of architecture.


Explore This List Of Tourist Spots In Camarines Norte For Your #ExcitingBicol Itinerary!

Featuring beaches, river resorts, surfing activities, and rich cultural heritage, you wouldn’t be surprised if your list of tourist spots in Camarines Norte becomes an ever-growing list. There’s no better way to enjoy a fun and simultaneously relaxing vacation than by visiting this lovely province in Luzon. Aside from Camarines Norte, the Bicol region also offers tourist attractions in Masbate, Albay, Camarines Sur, Catanduanes, and Sorsogon.

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