Here Are the Best Masbate Tourist Attractions to Visit This Summer

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Summer is just around the corner, and we’re certain that you and your family are already planning for your getaways! If you’re seeking a great place to give you a memorable summer vacation, Masbate is the place to be! Check out these awesome Masbate tourist attractions that you should visit this summer!

With more than 7,000 islands to choose from, The Philippines is one of the best destination spots for the summer because of its breathtaking beaches. Don’t miss out on adding unique places to your checklist!

Masbate is part of Luzon, under the Bicol Region and is one of the archipelagic provinces in the pearl of the orient consisting of three principal islands: Masbate, Ticao, and Burias. It is definitely a must-visit destination because of its spectacular hills, unique islands, sandbars, and spotless white sandy beaches. It likewise offers peaceful sights to watch the birds, fishing, or even enjoy a picnic with your loved ones.

The province of Masbate awaits you with its natural wonders. Here are the best Masbate tourist attractions to visit this summer:


Catandayagan Falls

Catandayagan Falls

Located in the town of Monreal, Ticao Island, Masbate, the Catandayagan Falls is one of the popular tourist attractions on this list. Take a glimpse of the splendid natural wonders while in transit (Catandayagan Falls is just an hour boat ride away from the city) or might as well go on an island-hopping adventure at the islands of Ticao. Enjoy the cool, clear, and refreshing water of Catandayagan Falls, which is one of a kind because its water rushes down straight into the sea. It towers at around 100 feet and offers a spectacular sight.


Experience the Underwater World of Ticao

Underwater World of Ticao

Ticao Island of Masbate is an emerging destination in Bicol, noted for its rich marine biodiversity and various sites ideal for both advanced and fun diving. This island in Bicol is listed in some of the best scuba diving locations in the Philippines. If you want to take a dive and explore marine life, Ticao’s surrounding bodies of water will leave you in awe. It is home to distinct and lush corals, beautiful fishes, manta rays, whale sharks and other pelagic found abundant all year round. Be sure to pack your underwater cameras for this ultimate diving experience!


Buntod Sand Bar and Reef

Buntod Sand Bar and Reef

When you’re in Masbate, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this favorite spot for tourists! It’s highly accessible from the city and offers a memorable nature experience. Known for its crystal-clear water and clean white sand, this pristine long stretch of sand bar is a tremendous place to swim in, made more enticing by its surrounding underwater sights such as colorful corals and other marine species. Have fun and enjoy the exciting aqua activities like kayaking, snorkeling, diving, and boating and you may opt for a quick visit to its mangrove park. The place is equipped with cottages and other facilities perfect for picnics and family getaways. It is definitely a must-see paradise in Masbate!


Palani White Beach

Palani White Beach

If you’re after a pleasant and relaxing place to explore in Masbate, Palani White Beach is perfect for you. Situated in the town of Balud, this white fine sandy shorelines with its clear blue seas is truly a nature’s paradise where you can enjoy its clear, calm waters and an extended stretch of beach lines. Take a day trip to Palani and arrange a stay at some of its cozy accommodations nearby. You will surely fall in love with the simple and quiet life yet stunning nature on this island. It is also one of the best places to watch the sunset in Masbate.


Visit the Bugui Point Lighthouse

Bugui Point Lighthouse

The century-old Bugui Point Lighthouse is located in the Town of Aroroy. This Masbate tourist attraction tells a great story of Spanish and Filipino culture. The historic lighthouse’s construction was halted in 1896 when the Filipinos began a revolution against Spanish colonizers. It was then completed by Americans in 1902. Indulge in history by visiting this century-old lighthouse that lies on a hilly terrain overlooking the Masbate and Sibuyan sea.


Halea Natural Park

Halea Natural Park

Embark on a journey from the tip of Ticao Island to a hidden place called Halea Nature Park. It is surrounded by trees and towering stone formations. From the transit alone, you can instantly see how beautiful and pristine the island is. It holds a peaceful ambiance through the sight of the visible blue skies and the sound of waves. You can hike towards the top to appreciate the breathtaking view of the entire island. Bring a tent and enjoy the rest of your evening with family and friends while getting a clear view of the sky full of stars.


Visit these Masbate Tourist Attractions For A Great Summer Getaway!

These six Masbate tourist attractions are just some of the greatest treasures you can find in the province.(Masbate.) You won’t regret including this location to your list of summer getaways. Experience authentic travel and be surrounded by natural wonders. Masbate is definitely worth the visit!

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