philippines travel advisory

Updates and status report in handling the COVID-19

updated as of september 26, 2020

public safety announcement

The Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) is ensuring that tourism stakeholders implement the safety protocols and series of precautionary measures set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Department of Health (DOH), and is promoting habits that the public can adapt to contain the spread of the COVID-19.

For more information on COVID-19 situation in the Philippines, you may click here.

For any concern, inquiry, or clarification, travelers may message the DOT Official Facebook page or call the DOT hotline at 1-386.

Currently, there are travel protocols and other health measures in place in key areas and locations to reduce the risk of imported cases and community transmission.


From September 1 to 30, all areas in the Philippines are still under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) except for the following places that are under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) or Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ):

Areas under GCQ:

    • Batangas
    • Bulacan
    • Metro Manila
    • Bacolod City
    • Tacloban City

Area under MECQ:

    • Iloilo City (September 25 to October 9)
    • Iligan City


  • Health and emergency frontline service personnel
  • Government officials and frontline personnel
  • Humanitarian assistance actors (HAA) with authorization
  • Persons traveling for medical/humanitarian reasons
  • Persons going to the airport for travel abroad
  • Repatriated Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and Overseas Filipinos (OF) returning to their residence
  • Other persons transported through the efforts of the national government
  • Priests, Pastors, Imams, or other religious ministers conducting necrological services
  • Immediate family members of deceased (from non-COVID causes) attending the wake
  • Individuals who are working on veterinary clinics
  • Individuals who are working as security personnel in operational industries
  • Persons who will report to work for industries that are allowed to operate
  • Persons who need emergency medical aid or assistance
  • Persons who will get or buy essentials like food and medicine
  • People traveling within the country with a secured Travel Authority document
  • Individuals attending important gatherings with 10 or less people
  • Individuals traveling to places under GQC and areas not under quarantine, except for leisure purposes
  • Students going to school once face-to-face classes are allowed

  1. Movement of persons aged 21 to 59 years old
  2. Movement of people 20 years old and below, and 60 years old and above, as long as it’s to get essential items or to report to work for industries allowed under GCQ
  3. Public transportation with limited capacity and enforcement of health protocols
  4. Use of private vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles
  5. Moving around for work and essential services in barangays without COVID-19 cases
  6. Opening of essential industries like health care, pharmacies, veterinary clinics, food manufacturing and supply chains, and groceries at full capacity
  7. Operating of manufacturing industries at 50% to 100% capacity
  8. Resumption of financial services, BPOs, non-leisure wholesale and retail trade, and other non-leisure services as long as it’s 50% onsite work, 50% work from home
  9. Full operations of media establishments, producers of cement and steel, BPOs and export-oriented establishments that can operate off-site, mining and quarrying, e-commerce, postal, delivery services, rental and leasing of vehicles and equipment for permitted sectors, recruitment for permitted sectors, repair of computers, personal and household goods, and housing services
  10. Operating at 50% capacity of beverage makers, real estate companies, advertising agencies, film and music productions, clothing stores, bookstores, baby supplies, flowers, and jewelry shops
  11. Inter-island travel between two GCQ areas with safety protocols enforced
  12. Implementation of alternative work arrangements like having a 4-day workweek in government offices
  13. Opening of school premises to allow a skeleton workforce to process requirements from students and prepare for next semester or graduation.
  14. Gatherings (including religious gatherings) of up to 10 people, with health protocols observed

The following industries can operate under GCQ as long as they practice the minimum health measures such as wearing face masks, proper handwashing, and social distancing when applicable.

  • Category I Industries
    • Power, energy, and other utilities
    • Agriculture, fishery, and forestry
    • Food manufacturing, food supply chain, and food retail (supermarkets, grocery stores, food preparation establishments, and food delivery services)
    • Health-related establishments, logistics sector, IT and telecommunication
    • Media
  • Category II Industries
    • Mining, manufacturing, and e-commerce companies
    • Delivery, repair, and maintenance services
    • Housing and office services at anywhere between 50% up to full operational capacity
  • Category III industries
    • Financial services
    • Legal, accounting, and auditing services
    • Professional, scientific, technical and other non-leisure services
    • Barbershops and salons
    • Other non-leisure wholesale and retail establishments


  1. Movement for people in areas under MGCQ with mask-wearing, physical distancing, and other health protocols enforced
  2. Resumption of all work in the private and public sectors at full capacity with enforcement of mask-wearing, physical distancing, and other health protocols
  3. Public transportation with enforcement of health protocols
  4. Use of private vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles
  5. Resumption of all flights will resume with health protocols enforced
  6. Work operations in government offices with health protocols in place
  7. Normal physical classes in schools with health protocols enforced
  8. Gatherings (including religious gatherings) of up to 10 people with health protocols observed



The Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on Emerging Infectious Diseases lifts the temporary suspension of inbound travel of Locally Stranded Individuals (LSIs) in Western Visayas.

See list below for the provinces that allow inbound travel for returning residents:

  • Region VI
    • Antique
    • Guimaras
    • Iloilo
    • Iloilo City
    • Negros Occidental

Iligan City and Lanao del Sur are still under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine until September 30, keeping inbound travels still restricted.

Establishments considered entertainment and leisure must remain completely closed even under GCQ.

Barangays with COVID-19 cases will be placed under stricter quarantine measures.

  • Those with 20 or more cases are considered "critical zones" and will be under ECQ or hard lockdowns.
  • Those with less than 20 cases are considered "containment zones" and will be under MECQ.
  • Those adjacent to any area with COVID-19 cases are "buffer zones" where GCQ will be enforced.
  • Those outside a buffer zone will be on modified GCQ.

All confirmed patients with asymptomatic and mild COVID-19 cases are required to undergo a facility-based isolation except in the following cases:

  • A local health officer confirms that the patient is vulnerable or have comorbidities and that his/her home meets the conditions set by Department of Health and Department of Interior and Local Government. Please see this link for more info on the parameters. People who are considered vulnerable or with comorbidities:
    • Minors
    • Senior citizens
    • People with underlying health conditions
    • Pregnant women
    • Persons with disability who cannot carry-out self-care
    • Immunocompromised patients
  • The local Regional Task Force on COVID-19 confirms that the Ligtas COVID-19 Centers in the region are fully occupied and the local government unit lacks isolation facilities.

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has given the Department of Tourism (DOT) a SafeTravels Stamp in recognition of its adoption of “health and hygiene global standardized protocols” that will ensure safe travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SafeTravels is the stamp of approval given by the international organization to certify compliance with its global health standards to allow for safe travels.



As of september 22, 2020 5:00pm



Albay Fresh Bounty Village (Open to Albayano residents only)

Albay Park & Wildlife (Open to Albayano residents only)

Albay West Coast Beaches (Ligao Sde) (Open to Albayano residents only)

Aquasilvi Culture Project & Mangrove (Open to Albayano residents only)

Attorney’s Beach Resort (Open to Albayano residents only)

Buhawi Hill (Open to Albayano residents only)

Cagsawa Ruins and farm Plate (Open to Albayano residents only)

Caves & Waterfalls (Open to Albayano residents only)

El Miro de Shei Agri Science Farm (Open to Albayano residents only)

Farm Plate (Open to locals)

Hiden Spring Resort (Brgy. Herrera) (Open to Albayano residents only)

Hobit Hill (Open to Albayano residents only)

Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave (Open to Albayano residents only)

Islets and Islands of Cagraray (Open to Albayano residents only)

Jovellar Underground River (Open to Albayano residents only)

Legaspi City Boulevard (Open to Albayano residents only)

Misibis Bay (Open to Albayano residents only)

Mount Masaraga Campsite (Open to Albayano residents only)

Paayahayan sa Bulod (Open to Albayano residents only)

Pinamintungan Island (Open to Albayano residents only)

Quitinday Hills (Open to Albayano residents only)

Quituinan Hills (Open to Albayano residents only)

Salong Eco-Park (Open to Albayano residents only)

Uson (Open to Albayano residents only)

Villa Miranda Farm (Villa Miranda Farm)



Bagasbas Beach (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Booray-Booray Beach (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Capalonga Baywalk (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Caroline Island (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Fermo Island (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Gumaos (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Hamoraon (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Kalalanay (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Labnig (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Lam-ok Beach (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Mahabang Buhangin (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Mampurog River (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Mananap Falls (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Mercedes 7 Group of Islands (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Pebble Beach & Colasi Falls (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Pulang Daga Beaches (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

San Nicolas River Cruise & Firefly Watching (Open to locals)

Sinagtala River Resort (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)



Baresbisan Beach Resort (Open to Camarines Sur Residents only)

CamSur Watersports Complex (Open to Camarines Sur Residents only)

Churches/religious sites & Spring Resorts (Open to Camarines Sur Residents only)

Hilot Center & Sonrisa Farm (Open to Camarines Sur Residents only)

Fermo Island (Open to residents of Camarines Norte province only)

Ilihan Hills (Open to Camarines Sur Residents only)

JNS Dive & Discovery Resorts (Open to Camarines Sur Residents only)

Mangente & Serenity Beach Resorts (Open to Camarines Sur Residents only)

Spring Resorts (Open to Camarines Sur Residents only)

Trio, INS Dive and Descovery Resorts (Open to Camarines Sur Residents only)

Villa Namoro Nature Park (Open to Camarines Sur Residents only)



Botelight House (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Cagnipa Rolling Hills (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Campilan (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Carorian Wonders (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

H2O & Renato Spring Resorts (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Hicming Falls (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Hinik-hinik Falls, (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Hiyop Islands (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Ilihan Point (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Maribina Falls (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Marilima Beach (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

N Beach, Cagnipa Beach (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Nahulugan & Ba-haw Falls (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Nuraw Beach (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Our Lady of Sorrows Shrine (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Paday Falls (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Palestina Rolling Hills (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Panay Island (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Pandan Lighthouse (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Paraiso ni Honesto & Maturan Rock Formation (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Parway & Linampawan Falls (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Posedon Beach (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Sacahon Beach (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Solong Falls (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Talisay Beach (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Tuwad-tuwadan Lagoon (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Twin Rock Beach (Open to Catandunganon residents only)

Ya-yabuhan & Carangyaan Beaches (Open to Catandunganon residents only)



Balangingi Island (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Baslay Island (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Bongsanglay Mangrove & Minalayo Islat (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Buntod Marine Sanctuary & Sandbar (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Catandyagan Falls & Ticao sland (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Dacu Beach & Bagacay Beachfront (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Drizzle Butterfly Garden (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Kalasangan Hills (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Khokak Beach (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Licuson Beach (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Luakan Water Park (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Mangovetum & Una Kanonia Farm (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Mayon Payong Hills (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Mt. Bagasiombahan (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Pajo-Palani & Talisay Beaches (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Pasiogon Beach (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Potoson Beachfront (Open to Masbateno residents only)

San Isidro Beachfron & Pahowaiian Beachfron (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Winter's Farm (Open to Masbateno residents only)

Zigzag Road (Open to Masbateno residents only)



Bacon Beach (Open to local residents ony)

Buhatan River Cruise and Paguriran Island (Open to local residents ony)

Green Thumb (Open to local residents ony)

Malawmawan (Open to local residents ony)

San Benon Hot Springs (Open to local residents ony)

Sorsogon Boulevard (Open to local residents ony)

Subic Beach (Open to local residents ony)



For details about the health and safety guidelines for accommodation establishments under the
new normal, please click here.

Temperature checking using a thermal scanner for all guests. Those with fever and flu-like symptoms will not be allowed to enter and will be referred to the nearest hospital.

Conducting screening test to identify where the guests originated from two weeks prior to arrival.

Conducting screening test to identify where the guests originated from two weeks prior to arrival.



To secure hotel guests’ health and safety in areas where Community Quarantine is no longer in place, please see and
follow the mandatories listed below.

Guest Handling Policy

  1. Online payment is highly encouraged upon booking.
  2. Guests must complete a Health Declaration Form upon check-in.
  3. Body temperature checking using a thermal scanner at the hotel entrances shall be undertaken for all guests by qualified health staff or trained hotel personnel. Only guests cleared during screening shall be allowed to enter the hotel perimeter to check-in.
  4. Physical distancing, wearing of face mask, proper handwashing / hand sanitizing practice must be emphasized.
  5. Guests must be provided with reminder cards which may include the following:
    1. No sharing of food or any personal or non-personal belongings
    2. Proper disposal of used PPE must be followed
    3. Mingling with occupants of other rooms is discouraged
    4. Practice of proper handwashing etiquette/hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and proper use of face mask must be observed
    5. Strict observance of physical distancing

Reception and Concierge

  1. Contactless payment is highly encouraged.
  2. Acrylic glass barrier may be set up at the front desk for additional protection.
  3. Other PPE that may be considered in the reception counter for emergency purposes are as follows:
    1. Disposable protective apron
    2. Disposable protective shoe covers
    3. Full-length long-sleeved gown/protective clothing/coveralls
  4. Official up-to-date information must be available at the reception desk about traveling to and from countries and/or other areas, including local destinations, that are identified by the Department of Health (DOH) as high-risk in spreading the virus or disease.
  5. Emergency contact numbers of public health authorities, nearest hospital or medical center, and the DOH Assistance Center must be readily available in the reception desk.
  6. A floor marker that allows one (1) meter distance between guests on queuing must be in place to ensure physical distancing.

Reception or Front Desk Officer

  1. Contactless process at the front desk is highly encouraged.
  2. Handshaking is not advised. The practice of Filipino Brand of Service (FBS) or the “Mabuhay Gesture” in greeting and receiving guests, as well as other forms of contactless greeting, is highly encouraged.
  3. Front desk personnel attending to guests must wear face masks. Disposable gloves must be worn when handling cash or documents, and/or materials that are passed from person to person.
  4. All staff extending guest assistance that requires physical contact (e.g. wheelchair, bell service) must wear proper PPE, such as face mask and gloves, whenever necessary.

Rooms and Housekeeping

  1. Only single up to double room occupancy is allowed. Couples or family members who share the same household may be allowed in double or twin occupancy rooms.
  2. Sanitation kit shall be provided for each guest which may include the following:
    1. 70% solution alcohol or alcohol-based sanitizers
    2. Disinfectant sprays
    3. Face masks
    4. Disposable gloves
    5. Rags
  3. A distance of 1 to 2 meters between beds is highly encouraged

Housekeeping Staff

  1. Housekeeping staff must use PPE such as disposable gloves, eye protection gear (goggles), and face masks when cleaning guest rooms and other common areas.
  2. If doing cleaning that generates splashes while washing surfaces, cleaning staff must use facial protection or face shield and waterproof aprons.

Room Decontamination

  1. The establishment must ensure prompt action to clean rooms after each use of guest/s. It must be a standard procedure to sanitize rooms right after check-out.
  2. Disinfection of rooms and surfaces must be conducted every after guests check out. This includes disinfection of furniture, appliances, flooring, and panes using bleach solution or any approved disinfecting agent.
  3. Thorough disinfection of rooms and common areas using enhanced technologies, such as electrostatic sprayers with hospital-grade disinfectants, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, or germicidal ultra-violet (UV) lighting system, at least once every two (2) weeks is highly encouraged.

Food and Beverage (F&B) Service

  1. Guests must be reminded to disinfect their hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer, or 70% solution alcohol located at the reception counter upon entering and leaving the vicinity.
  2. All food and beverages must be served by restaurant crew or personnel.
  3. Banquet tables that can accommodate ten (10) guests must accommodate only five (5) guests. Tables shall be arranged such that the distance from the back of one chair to the back of another chair is more than one (1) meter apart and the guests face each other from a distance of at least one (1) meter.
  4. Serving of individually packed meals using biodegradable packaging is encouraged.
  5. The following services and set-ups are highly discouraged:
    1. Self-service station at the dining area
    2. Buffet service
    3. Room service

Public and Common Areas

  1. Sanitizing mats must be available at all entry points.
  2. Physical distancing must be strictly observed when using elevators. Only 50% of the maximum capacity is recommended to avoid physical contact. Placing of floor markers to delineate physical distancing is likewise encouraged.
  3. Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials on proper handwashing, respiratory etiquette, and proper use of face mask must be posted in conspicuous areas, particularly at the restrooms and other wash areas.
  4. Placement of signs reminding guests and general public to minimize touching of surfaces in public areas is highly recommended.



As of september 11, 2020 5:00pm



A and A Bed And Breakfast Inn

AME Lodge

Apihap Spa Hotel

Attorneys Recreation Beach Place

Avia-K Inn

Balai Tinay Guest House

Banana Tourist Villa

Barrios Kids Pool

Ben Spring Resort

Captain's Inn

Casa Basilisa, Inc.

Casa Ling 2

Casa Lorenzo

Casa Roces Bed And Breakfast

Casa Simeon

Casablanca Hotel

Casablanca Suites

Casita Aurora Bed & Breakfast

Catalina's Lodging House

Charisma Snack House & Catering Services

Come Inn Bed And Breakfast

Comfort Zone Transient Hauz

Cosia Inn

Costa Palmera Resort And Seaside Apartel

Dhio Endheka Spring Resort

Dorotea Resort And Spa

Dos Montes Spring Resort Inc.

Dreamwave Beach Resort Inc.

Elkanville Hotel

Ellis Ecotel

Emerald Boutique Hotel

Façade Hotel

FJ Manila Hotel

Goldcrest Inn

Golite Hostel

Golite Hostel - Albay

Gulod Tourist Inn

HCG Residence Mansion

Hotel Fina

Hotel Inigo

Hotel Kitchi

Hotel Liatris

Hotel Rex

Hotel St. Ellis

Hotel Villa De California Inc


Issshko Inn

Jaylynme Traveller's Inn

JDJ Apartelle

JDL Residences

JJ Midcity Inn

Kathrine's Inn

Kris-Faith Of Noah Resort

La Edley Food Services And Recreation Center

La Granja Boutique Hotel Corp

La Piazza Hotel And Convention Center Inc.

La Roca Veranda Suites And Restaurant

La Venezia Hotel & Spa

LC City Travelodge

Legazpi Airport Hotel

Legazpi Amigos Hometel

Legazpi Tourist Inn

Ligao 559 Apartelle

Ligao Bed And Breakfast

M's Hauz Inn

Magayon Hotel

Manhattan Beach Resort

Mayon Garden Resort & Hotel

Mayon View Garden Apartelle

Meaco Royal Hotel

Mirisbiris Garden Educ Foundation

Misibis Bay Resort

Monte Baldo Hotel And Resort

Neuhaus Inn

Palces Resort

Park Inn

Patio De San Jose Resort & Convention Center, Inc.

Pinarik Eco Resort

Puerto Vista Resort

Riserr Residences

RNM Apartelle

RNR Suites

RNT Pension House

Rosewood-J Inn

RR Beach Resort

Rudy's Hometel

Sabando Ocampo Beach Resort

Sampaguita Tourist Inn

Sarung Banggi Beach Resort

Silvercrest Travelodge

Siville Inn Music Lounge And Restaurant

Sun Valley Beach Resort

Sunway Inn

Tabaco Gardenia Hotel

Tabaco Royal Mansion Hotel

The Apple Peach House

The Marison Hotel

The Oriental Albay Hotel

The Oriental Legazpi

The Pepperland Hotel

Todays Inn And Suites

Tyche Boutique Hotel

Victoria Bay Resort

Villa Amada Hotel

Vista Al Mayon Pensionne

Your Brother House Tribal Village

ZK Hotel



Asia Novo Boutique Hotel, Inc.

Bagasbas Lighthouse Resort

Benlitz R. Inn

Calaguas Gateway Hotel

Calaguas Paradise Resort

Candelaria Beach Resort

Casa Mambulao Tourist Inn

Casa Napundan

Clubnoah Eco Resort

D'house Hotel

Dolor Hotel

Greenland Resort

Hotel Formosa

Jocelle's Garden And Tourist Inn

Little Tagaytay Resort

Maria Fatima Farm Resort

Nathaniel Hotel

Naturaverde Farm And Resort

New Bel-Air Resort

New Prince Hours Lodge

One Platinum Hotel

Palms Farm Resort

Paradiso Verde Organic Farm And Resort

Pineapple Island Leisures, Inc.

Prime Suite Hotel

Prince E. Zam's Hotel

Renrebs Tourist Inn

Ritz Hotel

Roadhouse-Inn, Cafe, Grill

Tenorio Land Ventures Inc / Villa Criselda

Tin-Tin Apartelle

Tinagong Beach Resort

Wiltan Hotel

Zane Hotel



Amaranths Residences

Asog County Hotel

Avenue Plaza Hotel

B. Mangente-Elevado Beach Resort

Baresbian Beach Resort

Beloved Hotel

Bicomong Beach Resort

Bossing Dormitel

Brooksider's Lodge

Cbd Plaza Hotel

Centro Square Dormitel

Dy Viajero Transient Hotel

Elizabeth Hotel And Suites Inc.

Flamingo Hostel & Restaurant

Golden Leaf Hotel

Grand Alcove Hotel

HDN Golf Resorts And Country Clubhouse

Hotel Sogo Naga

Iriga Plaza Hotel And Convention Center

Jomckayl Apartelle

KJA Hotel

La Casa Cove Beach Resort

La Casa Roa Hostel

Lost Paradise Resort

Ma. Maruja Hotel And Beach Resort

Macagang Hotel And Resort

Margando Farm Subdivision

Matt's Tourist Inn

My Little Dutch House

Naga Green Hotel

Naga Pilgrims Hotel

Naga Regent Hotel

Nagaland Hotel

New Crown Hotel

Obias Inn

Prime Days Hotel

Prime Suite Hotel

Primus Hotel And Resort

Sampaguita Tourist Inn - Magsaysay

Sampaguita Tourist Inn - Panganiban

Sampaguita Tourist Inn - Riverside

Sariana Beach Resort

Serenity With Jesus And Mary Beach Resort

SJD Fercian Hotel

Sleepadz Capsule Beds

Sunny View Hotel

Sunsmile Inn

Surfers Paradise Beach Resort

The Carmen Hotel

Tinandayagan Falls And Resort

Titis Beach Resort

Tugawe Cove Resort

Valerosa Farm Adventure Resort

Villa Caceres Hotel

Yohance Hometel



Alon Surf Stay

Amenia Beach Resort

ARDCI Corporate Inn

Balin's Sea View Beach

Bon-Ot Travellers Inn

Carangyan Beach Resort

Casa Remedios Bed And Breakfast

Catanduanes Twinrock Beach Resort

JM Pension House

Kemji Resort And Restaurant

Marem Pension House

Puraran Surf Resort

Queen Maricel Inn

Rakdell Inn

Rhaj Executive Inn & Apartelle Inc.

Villa Tolledo Tourist Inn

Virac Hometel



7 AR Golden Beach Resort

Ace Palani Garden Beach Resort

Agm Beachfront Resort And Resto Co.

Ahden's 7th Heaven Resort

Altamar Resort Inc.

Avila's Island Resort

Bambi Pension House

Baywalk Garden Pension House

Bitlig Beach Resort

Bocala Beach Resort

Casa De Soledad Resort

Chelsea Bluewave Resort

D'siblings Beach Resort

Gagay's Hotel And Resort

Greenview Hotel And Restobar

Gubat St. Anthony Cooperative Hotel

JL Beach Resort

My Q Resort and Conferences

Pahowaiian Beach Resort

Palani Beach Park Oceanfront Resort

Paraiso De Palani Beach Villas

Recidencia Del Hamor

Rendezvous Resort

Rizal Beach Resort

RL Horizon Beach Resort

Ross Hotel

Sabines Place

Se'detendre Beach Resort

Sorsogon Paradise Resort

Star Beach Resort

Tentyard Hotel And Restaurant

Tess Apartment Rental

Ticao Island Dive Camp & Resort

Unica Hija Hotel And Resort

Virginia Beach Resort

Vismin GV Hotel

Winter's Farm Resort



Bulusan Tourist Hotel

Dancalan Beach Resort

Dineros Hometel

Fernandos Hotel

Fritz Homestay

Lacsa Hilton Beach Resort

Mike's Hometel

Paopao Hotel

Villa Isabel Hotel And Resort

The Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) recommends that all tourists stay in DOT-accredited establishments for the duration of their trip to ensure that the proper safety protocols are in place.

Click beside to download the list of Accommodation Establishments with Certificate of Authority to Operate during the community quarantine as of 11 September 2020.

list of Accommodation Establishments with
Certificate of Authority to Operate



The following guidelines must be strictly implemented and observed by all establishments,
including its staff and guests, to ensure everyone’s safety.

Disinfection And Sanitation Protocols

These safety measures are required to keep establishments safe and clean.

Configuration Protocols For Restaurants

All establishments are required to strictly follow these set-up protocols:

Guidelines For Customers

Make the safety of customers a priority and follow these measures:

Guidelines On Delivery Services

Personnel can ensure safe food handling and delivery by following these:

Guidelines On Restaurant Management

Management must follow these health and safety protocols strictly.



To ensure tourists’ safety, all sets of guidelines below must be strictly implemented and followed by the operators, staff, and

What Transport Operators Should Do

These safety measures are mandatory in operating tourist transport services.

Must-Have Items For Drivers

Transport operators are required to provide all drivers with the following items:

What Drivers Should Do

Maintain cleanliness and secure the tourists’ safety by doing the following:

Securing Transport Vehicles

All transport services must be kept sanitized at all times by following the mandatories below.

  1. Conduct deep cleaning and proper disinfection after every use.
  2. Keep vehicle well-ventilated, with air-conditioning on non-recirculated mode.
  3. Keep wastes on board in a hygienic condition.
  4. Prepare a separate trash bag for sanitation disposables.
  5. Immediately dispose used trash bags at the destination.

Mandatories for Transport Vehicles

All transport services should strictly have the listed items at all times.

  1. Markings and barriers
  2. Notices with appropriate info and enforced policies
  3. Info materials on hand disinfecting and respiratory etiquette
  4. Thermometer gun & first-aid kits
  5. Sanitation kits for passengers:
    1. 70% solution alcohol/sanitizer
    2. Tissue paper and/or disposable wet wipes
  6. Emergency directory of the following hotlines:
    1. Clinics and Hospitals located in the city/municipality within the route
    2. Police and Fire stations located in the city/municipality within the route
    3. Other emergency responders whether public or private located in the city/municipality within the route
  7. Cashless services and other options that promote less physical contact

Passenger Protocols

Tourists are required to strictly follow the terms listed below.

  1. Passengers without masks shall not be allowed to board the vehicle.
  2. Passengers exhibiting flu-like symptoms shall be immediately transported to a healthcare facility or hospital.
  3. Passenger information such as name, address, and contact details shall be collected for contact tracing.

Passengers Limit and Physical Distancing Measures

Vehicles must comply with Social Distancing and Passenger Limit Guidelines set by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

  1. Car/Sedan
    • A total of three (3) passengers, including the driver, are allowed
      • No passenger should be seated beside the driver.
      • Max of two (2) passengers should be at the back row with one seat apart.
  2. Vans
    • Only two (2) passengers per row are allowed.
    • Only one (1) passenger for the driver’s row is allowed.
    • A waterproof transparent barrier between the driver and the passengers must be installed.
  3. Buses/Coasters
    • Only 50% of the total capacity is allowed.
    • Passengers must be seated one (1) seat apart.
    • No standing passengers are allowed.
    • A waterproof transparent barrier between the driver and the passengers must be installed.



The Philippine government is in close coordination with its tourism stakeholders—including airlines, hotels and resorts, and tour
operators—to cascade guidelines to ensure all precautionary measures are enforced to contain the spread of the virus in the country.


Screening for flu-like symptoms for all departing and arriving passengers. Individuals that show symptoms of the COVID-19 will be isolated, quarantined and monitored.

Requiring all suppliers’ action plans on precautions towards COVID-19.

Producing meals based on Global Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards.

Aviation Health Protocols And Requirements For
Locally Stranded Individuals And Returning OFWs

The following will be required from all individuals attempting to gain entry:

  • Medical Certificate
  • Travel Authority document

The following protocols should be strictly observed:

  • Airline should coordinate with LGUs for the resumption of their flight/s.
  • Arriving passengers must have a medical certificate from the DOH office of their place of origin certifying that they are not PUIs/PUMs.
  • Arriving passengers must have acceptance letters/certificates from their destination municipalities. Arriving passengers without an acceptance letter/certificate will not be allowed to enter Antique.

The following protocols should be strictly observed:

  • Coordinate with LGU/PGU for available flights
  • Secure a Notice of Acceptance from the PGU
  • Secure a Medical Certificate
  • Undergo temperature check and COVID-19 test
  • Undergo a 14-day quarantine

The following will be required from all individuals attempting to gain entry:

  • Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) with a negative result
  • 14-day Quarantine Completion Certificate issued by the MHO/CHO of the LGU of origin
  • Medical Certification of the Local Health Unit from the place of origin indicating that the returnee does not exhibit any of the COVID-19 symptoms. Certification must be issued within 72 hours from travel.
  • Returning residents must agree to be quarantined for 14 days in an LGU quarantine facility and undergo all medical tests and processes that are required.

The following will be required from all individuals attempting to gain entry:

  • Presentation of Medical Clearance Certificate issued before travel
  • Going through health check and isolation upon arrival

The following will be required from all individuals attempting to gain entry:

  1. Travel Authority document
  2. Medical Certificate

For Pre-Departure, the following are required:

  1. Notify your barangay/LGU
  2. Notify RTF (local COVID Task Force) with the assistance of the barangay
  3. Have LGU facilitate issuance of Medical Clearance Certificate and Notice of Availability of Travel
  4. Have Local Health Office to issue Medical Certificate, RTF to issue Travel Authority, and other LGUs concerned to provide any food assistance, psychosocial intervention, and financial assistance (If needed)

For Departure, the following protocols must be followed:

  1. LGU of origin to submit disaggregated list of LSIs with complete details, 3 days prior to departure
  2. RTF to endorse list of LSIs to National Task Force thru sub-task group
  3. Sub-Task group to coordinate with DILG, DOT, DOTr, DOLE, etc.
  4. Coordinate and provide relevant information thru corresponding agencies
  5. LGU to provide needed documents such as Medical Certificate and Travel Authority

Upon Arrival at Point of Entry, all should comply with the following:

  1. Coordinate with LGU concerned and RTF for Passage or Clearance
  2. Airport to secure all arriving LSIs and usher them to their respective isolation areas
  3. Concerned LGU to provide psychosocial support/counseling as necessary
  4. LGU to provide transportation assistance to LSIs from point of entry to their residence

Upon Arrival at Final Destination, the following are mandatory:

  1. Receiving LGU to require health documents and Travel Authority
  2. Local Health Office to assess LSI for symptoms in a temporary holding area
  3. LGU to transport LSI to residence or isolation unit based on clinical judgment
  4. RTF/Local COVID Task Force to monitor through C/MHO the status of LSI for the next 14 days

Interior Cleaning and Disinfection Daily

Hub/ Turnaround Cleaning Crew Lavatory Surface Touchup

Re-Circulation Filter Maintenance Program Interval

Deep Cleaning and Disinfection Every 7 Days

Full Disinfection Upon Request



Mass gatherings such as movie screenings, concerts, sporting events and other entertainment activities, community assemblies,
and non-essential work-related gatherings shall be prohibited.



We urge the public to follow these steps to prevent further spread of the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19).

Practice frequent and proper handwashing

Practice proper cough etiquette

Always bring a handkerchief/ tissue

Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing

Move away from people when coughing

Do not spit in public areas

Throw away used tissues properly

Always wash your hands after sneezing or coughing

Use alcohol/ hand sanitizer

Avoid unprotected contact with farm or wild animals

Ensure that food is well-cooked

Maintain a healthy lifestyle to build up immunity

Learn more about how to keep yourself and others safe from the COVID-19 at



Fake news, disinformation and misinformation can spread faster than COVID-19. We appeal to the public to stop sharing fabricated and unverified news on COVID-19 as it has caused unnecessary panic.

We warn the public that the spread of false reports is a violation of Article 154 of the Revised Penal Code in relation to Section 6 and Section 4 (c) 4 (Online Libel) of the Republic Act 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. The Philippine National Police (PNP) has already filed several cases against persons proliferating fake news.

Fake news can be more harmful than the coronavirus outbreak. Know your facts, go to / and get the latest official COVID-19 updates.

Keeping you safe is our priority.